Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Turkey- LaSpadas Style

If you are a local, you may have heard of LaSpadas. A tiny sub shop that makes the world's best subs. Ok, the 'world's best' may be stretching it just a teeny tiny bit, but i'm telling you, these are life changing subs.

And i'm here to spill what makes these subs amazing. Of course it's the fresh cut meats, of course it's the soft hoagie bread and of course it's your choice of condiments BUT it's the way they TOP your handmade hoagie with extra meat that makes it a LASPADAS sub! Now i know you are sitting there reading this going, what? meat on top? weird! But don't knock it till you try it.

Here's our attempt at the homemade version.

And if we weren't so damned hungry we would have taken more photos, but the sub disappeared too fast for the flashbulb to catch it! ;)

Laspadas Original Hoagies
2645 S. University Drive
Davie, FL 33328


JenGen said...

Yumm....I love LaSpada's subs. They are The Best!

agentmo said...

no exageration... LaSpadas are the world's best subs!