Friday, September 28, 2007

Clean vs. Plain

Inspired by the most amazing taste sensation, i bought a URL for this blog. Someday, i'll be blogging from HOORAY! :)

I told my hubby, and he's got a million ideas for my blog already. Can i just interject right here, that my hubby has looked at my blog, oh maybe once.

He started telling me about some of his ideas. I told him babe, i like the format how it is now, it's v. clean. He says gimme your URL...after like half a dozen attempts, he finally gets it right and says, CLEAN? This is not clean, this is PLAIN. No to the font, no to the header, yada yada yada, we'll get to work on your new site soon.

So, i'll continue blogging from here until Mr. Man gets my blog in fighting form. :P Hopefully it's sooner rather then later!

Love you babe! xoxo

Monday, September 24, 2007

C is for Cupcake!

That's good enough for me...

Publix had a buy one get one sale on cake mixes, so i ended up with a random box of pineapple cake mix. I really didn't want to make a cake cause, it's only us, so i decided to try to make pineapple upside down cupcakes. Cause i feel bad eating a half a cake, but i don't feel bad eating half a dozen cupcakes. Go figure! lol.

Mini Pineapple Upside-Down Cakes

While making these cupcakes, i came across the most amazing taste sensation i've ever eaten in my whole entire life... BUTTER AND BROWN SUGAR. Good Lord, have you ever eaten softened butter and brown sugar? Yeah, me neither. I mean i was so blown away, i grabbed my hubby and told him babe, you gotta try this. And there we stood in the kitchen eating brown sugar and butter just oohing and aahing away. lol.

All of the picking at the brown sugar left us with half a dozen cupcakes unadorned. Eh, whatev, it was worth it, BUT the cupcakes made the right way, upside down-style, were really unbelievable. My father in law came over, tried them and said oooh that's good! :)

I came across a couple other recipes out there on the world wide web and they suggested using crushed pineapple. I think the slices (trimmed) worked out just fine, but i would like to try this recipe again using yellow cake mix and crushed pineapple. ;)

Friday, September 21, 2007

I am the Crepe Queen!

Hell Yeah i am! :)

Ok, so back story. Went to Key West for Lobster Fest earlier this summer and had the BEST crepes- well, here in the US ;) out of this teeny window on Duval called La Creperie, see...

Anyhoo, we come home and all i want, every single weekend is crepes. So i venture forth and decide i can do it, hell, MELICAN DO ANYTHING! :)

So i find this recipe and think whamo,this is it. Hooray, i'm on my way!

French Crepes

My enthusiasm quickly dissipates as this is how my first crepe turns out.

Next thing i know i'm on the phone with my mom asking where her crepe maker (some hokey gadget from the 70's, lol) is, and telling her that my stupid crepe adventure is going really badly. She assures me that the first one or three always turn out badly, and to keep trying, but she'll look for the crepe gadget anyways.


So yes, after making like 2 or 3 really bad ones, i learned my lesson. I switched to a small non-stick pan, sprayed with a quick spritz of pam and start turning out AMAZING thin little pancakes! We stuffed them with ham and cheese, a variety of jams and jelly's and gorged ourselves on fabulous homemade crepes! My fave was the pineapple preserve crepes- mega yum!

Needless to say, this is what i do at least once a week now, but i do half the recipe cause for us, 12 crepes is too many, but not for the first time you make it. For the first time, even if it's just you that you're cooking for, go ahead and make all 12! :)