Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Double Potato Mash

Have i mentioned that i puffy heart Nigella Lawson? She's the only cooking television personality that i totally get geeked out over. She's FABULOUS! She's got a show on the Food Network called Nigella Feasts, its only on once a week (poo!) BUT it's totally worth setting your TIVO for, because the show is divine!

After watching her Comfort Foods episode, as soon as the credits were rolling i was in the kitchen peeling a sweet potato and a white potato. Hello?! BRILLIANT mixing the two.

Double Potato Mash

I did make a couple slight alterations to the recipe cause i didn't have mace and wasn't going to go out and buy some. :P

I boiled the sweet and white potato together, drained, then whipped them up using my hand mixer. I had never made mashed potatoes with olive oil before either, but it was a nice flavor. And i just grated just a teeny bit of Fontina cheese into the potatoes as i whipped them up.

These were phenomenal! I served with barbecued brisket and sweet yellow corn. There's a slight sweetness that comes from the sweet potato that is paired with the fruitiness of the evoo that lends itself to a gorgeous creamy potato mash that's not like your mama's mashed potatoes. ;)

This recipe i have made at least half a dozen times this summer, just making slight variations on the mix ins. This is a fabulous must try recipe from the lovely Nigella Lawson.

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jen said...

meli- post your barbecue brisket recipe. it looks so good! i've never made that before, but i'd love to try lol