Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i want candy

So, my summer has been insane and in the middle of it all, i decided to jump back on the weight loss wagon and join Weight Watchers. This blog will be taking a turn to more healthy recipes i've been trying out, but please, i'm human and i also throw in a decadent recipe (or ten) into the mix. ;)

And what did i choose for my first 'diet' recipe? CANDY of course! lol.

Raspberry Chocolate Cups

This was fun to do, and it's a lot easier to make then you'd imagine. The photo below has the jam filled cup on the left and the finished raspberry cup on the right.

My hubby even thought these were pretty good, the only suggestion he threw out there was try a different jam next time. He's partial to grape jelly, but a grape chocolate cup to me is total gag, so i tried it with strawberry jam, and it's totally YUM! :)

There you have it, diet chocolate! AWESOME!

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