Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cheddar Artichoke Quiche Cups

Cheddar Artichoke Quiche Cups

This was my least favorite of the party foods. Maybe cause it sent me on a mission to Target about 2 hours before my party started cause i didn't have the mini muffin pan like i thought i had. But no, that wasn't the reason, the reason was cause it was so damned greasy! My hubby did take a couple nice photos of it (thanks, babe!), so enjoy the eye candy!

But if you are going to make it, please make some alterations to the recipe. Actually, when i read the recipe i thought it was written wrong, it calls for 4 cups of cheese, which to me was strange, cause the ratio of all the other ingredients sounded right, but then the cheese seemed like too much. But the clock was ticking and i just wanted to get them in the oven and get ready. So i made it as written and my guests politely ate a couple, but i had a TON of these left over.

They looked pretty, but these were

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MHQ said...

at least they looked pretty. :P