Thursday, August 9, 2007

Pan y Churrasco

My hubby man's the grill. And i love a man who can grill, cause it means he's cooking and i'm not! lol. And omg, lol, i can't believe he was cutting in the pan. What a nerd. I wonder if he scratched my pan. Yes readers, don't cut anything in a non-stick pan, cut on a cutting board. ;)

Here's a simple chimichurri recipe, but we used jarred sauce.

Chimichurri Sauce:
3 bunches curly parsley, finely chopped
6 Tbsp. finely chopped fresh garlic
2 cups extra virgin olive oil
1 cup white vinegar

We marinate skirt steaks for about an hour, in half a jar of chimichurri and then as the steaks are grilling (about 5 min per side), he bastes it with more, then serves with the remaining chimichurri. mmmmmmm....

Man, just looking at these photos is making my tummy grumble. Vegetarians, i have no idea how this doesn't make your mouth water. Yes, yes i know, different strokes. ;)

We serve it with slices of lightly toasted Cuban Bread.

This loaf of fresh Cuban bread from my Abeulo's favorite bakery. Here's a recipe for Pan Cubano. I never in a million years would even attempt to make it, cause well it's everywhere here. But if it's not readily available in your hood, you may want to give it a shot. Quick, easy and tasty! What else could you want for a party?! :)

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Candace said...

OMG Meli! How delish does that Churrasco look? And its perfectly cooked... beautiful! You must give the hubby props for that. I'm going to try the recipe!