Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Thursday nite is Pizza Nite!

i hit up Blu (la Pizzeria del Sole) last thursday with some friends before the theater, and it was the perfect place for a delicious, quick bite in south miami.

we dined al fresco, at sunset, and the weather was so nice. in keeping with the theme of thursday nite is pizza nite, guess what i had?! well first we had some wine, red was all i recall. ;) we moved onto calamari, it was light and crispy, very good and i totally forgot to take a photo... :P

Then my pizza arrived!

i ordered the arugala and proscuitto pizza. it was a super thin crust, wood-oven baked delight. :) i think i ate the whole thing. i may have left a polite piece of the crust, but if i did, i didn't want to! lol. and we totally skipped out on dessert cause we were rushed to catch the show. but the waiter was very polite and quick and we made it to the theater just in time.

Great Atmosphere, Food (& wine, hehehe), and Friends...what more could a girl ask for?! :) oh yeah, a great time at the show, and we did have a fabulous time! ;)

Blu Pizzaria del Sole
5894 Sunset Dr
South Miami, FL 33143
(305) 666-9285


Sarah said...

I vote that every Thursday night is pizza and friends night.

maitee said...

i totally agree