Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not Just Another Squash Casserole

I went looking for a fast, easy, different take on squash for tonite's dinner. I found what felt like a million recipes on the same Ritz cracker casserole (you know, cooked in mushroom soup). Which is why i totally HATE casseroles, that and they take like 1.5 hours to cook.

i came across this recipe and it sounded somewhat interesting,
Cream Cheese Basil Summer Squash

so i changed it up a bit and here's what i came up with.

Not Just Another Squash Casserole
3 yellow squash, diced
4 oz crumbled goat cheese
3T pine nuts
Fresh oregano
Frsh parsley
Fresh basil, twice as much basil as the other herbs

Steam squash (in corningware,covered in about 2Tbs of water micro for 3 minutes) and drain. Toast pine nuts over med high heat. Chop fresh herbs. Mix all together until creamy. S/P to taste. Enjoy!

I served it with Apricot Glazed Turkey Tenderloins and good ol' Stove Top Stuffing. I really liked the squash, but my hubby didn't. But he's really not a squash kind of guy anyway, anyday, anyhow. ;)


Cara said...

mmm goat cheese... that's my kind of squash! ~bensbabe823

Joelen said...

You had me at goat cheese.... this combo sounds great - thanks for posting!