Tuesday, May 15, 2007

David Eyre’s Pancake

So there's this old pancake recipe that has been going around for the past couple months, it's vintage, yay! lol. As soon as i came across it, right before Easter, i was dying to make it. We got the chance to make it on Sunday. And boy it was BEAUTIFUL, but the monga that reprinted the oringinal 1966 recipe, reprinted the original ERROR in the recipe too. Man, what a disappointment.

1966: David Eyre’s Pancake

NOTE: DO NOT USE 4TBS OF BUTTER, THIS IS WRONG. The correct amount of butter to use is 2TBS or less.

Here's what it looked like as soon as it came out of the oven. We were shocked at the pool of butter but i was hoping that the extra 5 minutes in the oven would miraculously make that pool disappear. After dusting with powdered sugar and the juice of half a lemon, it went back into the oven and we had hoped it would come out tasting as good as it looked.

Sadly, the pool of butter was still there and all that extra butter made the inside of the pancake inedible. But we did eat the outside and it was very good. Shame on Amanda Hesser w/ the NY Times mag for reprinting the error, but kudos for finding a good recipe.

I will make this recipe again, using the correct amount of butter. It sure was impressive to look at and with the correct measurments, it should be impressive to our tastebuds as well. ;)


Lourdes said...

when you make this again - can I come over to have breakfast with you and mikey?!?! it looks super yum (minus the pool of butter lol)

Sarah said...

Ditto Luly. Hey, idea! A Breakfast getty at Melican's house.

featuring: mega yummy pancake

***CCC*** said...

Dear NYT Recipe People,

You suck.

Melican rules!

maitee said...

hey, how did you get the sides of the cake to stick up like that?

clueless cook

DeborahSW said...

What a fun pancake, I bet you could put all kinds of sinful fillings inside if you wanted to. ;)

Joelen said...

Absolutely beautiful!