Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh, so i guess i am an Original kind of girl!

so, mid-week dinner slump came around last week (i was actually running all over town and totally forgot to defrost something), so i decided to pick up some Chicken Kitchen.

ok, so i did the math, i've been eating chicken kitchen for about 12 years now. after initially trying the Original chop chop with the wrong sauce (sweet n sour) in freshman orientation, i went a whole year before trying it again and loving it with the mustard curry sauce. so, for the last 12 years, it's ALWAYS been the original, i may get a little wild by having it Deluxe style with lettuce and tomato, but never have i ventured outside of THE ORIGINAL.

on this particular nite, i decided to throw caution to the wind and actually try something new, the Oriental Chop Chop. i know, total gasp, right?!

here's the description from their website, www.chickenkitchen.com:
Oriental CHOP-CHOP®
Something different! Delicious and juicy
boneless thigh meat cooked in Oriental
spices and served on a bed of white rice,
tomatoes, lettuce, scallions and sesame
seeds, then topped with a Tangy
Teriyaki Glaze.

See that doesn't sound too bad at all. So i order, my hubby orders the old favorite. ;) As my chicken was getting chopped, the lady in line behind me asks what's that?! i said i'm trying something new tonite, first time ever. she says, how do you know if it's any good? i said i don't, but my hubby ordered the Original so if it's not any good, i'll just eat his.

so i get to the cashier and she asks what i'm having and i proudly proclaim (again) that i'm trying something new tonite, the Oriental. and i proceeded to tell her, i've been eating the Original forever and we'll see how the Oriental is.

do you know what she did? you'll never ever guess. now i know service is really shitty in sofla, but you'll never guess. she says Oriental? YUCK! and shutters as she rings me up. WHO DOES THAT?!

so mentally, i've already got 1.5 srikes against this stupid chop chop. i get home, open it up and dive right in. my first impression...YUCK, i want your Original, babe.

ok, i apologize in advance, the following photo is terrible, but then again, so was the Oriental Chop Chop :P

it was SUPER salty and way too saucy. the only interesting thing in the whole bowl was the scallions. but even they couldn't save this dish. They should try to make this with a chopped chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, scallions, sesame seeds and maybe a squirt of teriyaki, but as is, it's a disaster.

so at the end of the nite, i realized, i'm an Original kind of girl. ;)

Chicken Kitchen
474 Arthur Godfrey Road
Miami Beach, Florida 33140
Phone: (305) 531-1888

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