Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Last nite's dinner was tilapia and even though this recipe is fabulous, Broiled Tilapia Parmesan, i have made it so many times, that my hubby is over it.

So the search began...i came across this appealing recipe, Mango-licious Tilapia but didn't have any of the ingredients to make the salsa. I thought what the hell, and just went ahead and prepared the tilapia part of the recipe.

Well as i was plating up, i realized my rice was like 5 minutes behind the rest of my dinner. Man, i hate when that happens, my fish can go from flaky to gross in 5 minutes! So i took the fish out of the baking dish and threw in some steamed asparagus and left it there to marinate or soak or whatever you call it.

5 minutes later, my rice, ok well not MY rice, but the awesome Zatarain's Caribbean Rice, a curried rice with pineapple and coconut pieces was done.
i love this rice, it totally rocks. :) Dinner was ready and it was time to present the new orange-infused tilapia to my hubby.

Two bites in, i get a "hmmm...orange-y" out of him. And there you have it people, tilapia cooked in oj and orange zest tastes...ORANGE-Y...shocking, i know! :P The asparagus was nice, i thought the orange was a nice compliment.

I will probably make this one more time, but next time with the mango-licious part of the recipe. I'd like to see how it compliments the orange-y-ness of the tilapia. But as i made it, i prob won't be making it again.


Candace said...

You def have to try the mango salsa next time. Looks like a delish recipe. I make one similar to that often.


Melissa said...

yes candace, i know!!! i was trying to log on that day and i couldn't! boo! so i went to allrecipes to find one like yours! lol.

Joelen said...

A carribbean rice?? Oh, I must seek that out next time I'm in the store. Great combo to go with your meal!

Lourdes said...

must add this to the recipe list!
looks awesome!