Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Roasted and Toasted

I found a recipe for Roasted Cauliflower and have been holding onto it for a while. I finally had the chance to make it and well, i wouldn't go so far as to say it tastes better then french fries, but i will say that it's pretty good. It WAS pretty stinky, in that cooking cauliflower way, for the first 15 minutes, but as it roasted, it smelled better. lol.

Roasted Cauliflower

olive oil
the herbs/ spices of your choice

Heat oven to 475, I used a bag of prechopped cauliflower, coat in oil and spices, roast in shallow baking pan, turning every 15 minutes until desired level of crispiness has been acheived. For me, that was about 45 minutes. ;) Enjoy!

I used a pinch of cayanne pepper. It was ok, but i'm looking forward to trying different spices like curry or cumin. Who knows, we'll see, the possibilities are endless! What do you think is a good spice for roasted cauliflower?


Rodrigo said...

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becoming-home said...

Isn't it amazing how roasting makes everything taste better? But caulli is one of my faves to roast...yum!

Amber said...

You should try the roasted cauliflower with brown butter fom cookinglight.com. It's wonderful!

maitee said...

try paprika salt, paprika and olive oil.