Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Meli's Deli

Here's what was on the menu at Meli's Deli on Sunday...
Deli Style Brisket
Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Honey Glazed Carrots
Eclair Cake

Let's start with dessert first, shall we? I had a random half eaten can of chocolate frosting and no desire to make a cake. I found an interesting recipe, Eclair Cake, using not only the frosting, but using the other half eaten random stuff in my pantry- Sweet! :)

I halved the recipe and made it in a loaf pan. I used sugar free vanilla pudding and fat free cool whip and i couldn't taste the difference. The recipe halved just lovely, until i realized i had run out of graham crackers for the top layer, and had a mini oh shit moment. But then the light bulb of ingenuity dinged in my head, and i topped the last layer of pudding in graham cracker crumbs! Brilliant, you say?! Well, it worked just fine, it was delicious and deceptively light (you know sans the thick chocolate frosting layer) but it was a bitch to get a good photo cause the frosting kept sliding off.

I HIGHLY recommend this recipe, it's super easy, looks good and tastes wonderful AND you probably have most, if not all the ingredients in your kitchen now... BONUS! :)

Now, lets get to the main course. I wanted to cook a nice Sunday dinner, my hubby wanted to go hang at the pool. So i found a super quick to throw together, slow cooker recipe for Deli Style Brisket . The ingredients were so simple, i thought i was going to hate it. i mean how excited can i possibly get about ketchup and onions and water. ech, blah, prob what they eat in prison. :P

This literally took about 1.5 minutes to throw together. And later that afternoon, i told my hubby, our neighbor must be cooking something good for dinner. Then remembered, DUH, that's me!

It DID live up to it's rep of being the most tender brisket i've made. And even though i did make the mistake of just throwing the flour in the gravy (instead of mixing it with water first which lead to squishing floating flour balls for about 5 minutes, AY!), it was a really super easy, carefree way of making some really good comfort food. Simple, tasty. The following day, the leftovers made a great sandwhich. ;)


Luly said...

that eclaire just made me drool on my keyboard :P

***CCC*** said...

OMG...brisket. I love brisket. The dinner pic made me drool so much I read through dessert pretty quickly.

How's that for progress.

Dinner before dessert, ha!