Friday, June 1, 2007

More Food of the Gods

Have you ever tried Greek Yogurt? If you haven't, YOU MUST! It's amazing. :)

My folks went to Greece a couple years back and i remember my mom coming home and raving about it. We started frequenting this local Greek place, Mykonos, and told my mom i LOVED their moussaka. On our recommendation, my folks went and my mom asked if they had Greek yogurt. The guy told her that his mom flies it in from Greece every so often. So if you are lucky to come in when they have it, they will gladly serve it up to you. We continued to go and ask every time we went in there, cause seriously, if my mom said you MUST try Greek yogurt one more time...

Well finally that day had come. In a plain styrofoam container, there was a glob of thick white yogurt drenched in golden honey and sprinkled with walnuts. Let me tell you, it WAS something to rave about.

Now, i'm not really a yogurt person, i'll eat it, it's just not something that i get excited over. But one taste of this Greek yogurt and well, i'm hooked. It's rich and creamy, teamed with the sweetness of the honey and the woodiness of the walnuts, i'm in heaven!

I'm thinking, where can i find this stuff. I can't just wait for this dude's mom to fly it in! So i go on a mission. I scour the yogurt section at Publix and find nothing. Boo. I ask the dairy guy and he's like oh yes and takes me to the yogurt drink section. I'm like no dude, it's not a drink it's like really thick. He's like i know this is Greek yogurt. I'm like it's really not. back and forth, back and forth and what do you know, the Greek yogurt is 2 shelves UP from where he was pulling bottles off the shelves. WOO HOO!!! Don't worry people, i'm not gonna leave you hanging, here it is (so you know exactly what to look for).

Ok, mom just called, she's super excited, but she did remind me that it IS fattening, so enjoy in moderation! ;)

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Miami, FL 33145
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aydin said...

hmmm, so that's why I gained a ton of weight in Turkey! I loved me some Iskender kebab and it's drowning in a yogurt sauce. Man! My mouth is watering. ;)

Elly said...

I LOVE fage. If you like tzatziki (the cucumber yogurt sauce that often comes on gyros) you should try making it with fage. So thick and creamy. Oh and delicious :)

megnar1 said...

You have to try the Fage Total 0! It's fat free and just as creamy and delicious as regular Greek yogurt.

Mirielle "Mimi" said...

I read an article on yahoo that recommends using that on your salad :)

Add Greek yogurt. It makes dresssings wonderfully creamy and rich-tasting. Just spoon a teaspoon or so into your jar with your oil and vinegar, and shake!