Wednesday, June 27, 2007


...this is your brain on drugs, any questions?
Well actually...YEAH! Why the heck did my fried egg get stuck in my buttered non-stick pan?

I totally think of that 'this is your brain, this is your brain on drugs' commercial every time i fry an egg, which obviously isn't too often. Powerful advertising, lol. So, that being said, this is my brain on drugs after it wouldn't come out of the pan!

Doesn't really matter, i only eat the yellow anyways. I was inspired by a loaf of fresh Cuban bread, which i dutifully dipped into the warm runny yolk. So yeah, not a picture perfect fried egg, but it was still good. ;)


Anonymous said...

lol. i hate making fried eggs, they always break, or are undercooked. I'm so afraid of leaving them on the skillet for too long. my husband makes them, and overcooks them. so i basically have a friend-hard boiled egg combination. so gross!

aydin said...

Eggs are tough. Brava for trying. LOL. I love 'em over hard, too. That's freakin' impossible to recreate at home. Thank god for Chuck Wagon. hahaha.