Thursday, January 10, 2008

To Cleanse Your Palett

I present the holiday pineapple.

Ever notice how when you go grocery shopping with someone else, a lot of crap you'd NEVER buy ends up in your shopping cart?

I noticed he put a pineapple in my shopping cart, much to my horror i saw it and i thought, um that thing is hella hard to cut, and decided to put it back. I did the whole 'oh, look over there' and when he looked over there, i took it out of my cart; but when he turned around, i got a 'isn't that our pineapple' so i had to put it back in the cart.

Fast forward to A REAL pineapple sitting in my kitchen, and me going GREAT what knife do i even use to cut into this thing?! I went at it with my santoku.

Here's my visual guide to cutting a pineapple...

Lob off it's 'head'.

Slice right down the middle.

Slice the half in quarter the pineapple.

Cut the peel off each quarter and slice, then dice if you please, stop taking pictures and eat the damned thing already cause you have pineapple juice running down your arm and it's time to taste the fruit of your labor...LITERALLY!

Big surprise, it was ALOT easier to cut then i imagined, and it tasted far better then the prepped kind in the produce section. But sadly, it was too much pineapple for just us.

I'll buy a real pineapple again, when we have guests over! Hey i might even cut the pineapple in front of them to show off my skillz! lol. ;)

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USA Kiwi said...

Fresh pineapple is super-yummy-fabulous in a juicer.

If you add some fresh mint leaves and juice those too....


USA Kiwi