Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beer, Cheese, Garlic and Olives...WASSAP!

I had the urge to get in the kitchen, get my hands dirty, and make a big ass mess. The lightbulb in my head went DING! and i went looking for a bread recipe. Guess what, like every freakin bread recipe out there states: place ingredients in bread machine, press start.

Well um, what about us who wanted to get our hands dirty and NOT use a bread machine?!

Luckily, i asked that question to the right woman. Her name is Joellen and she's a cooking DIVA! She had the answer to my question and linked me up to SEVERAL of her quick bread recipes. After reading this one

Garlic, Olive & Cheese Bread

all i wanted was a beer. lol. AND to make this recipe!

This recipe was a snap to prepare and even though i didn't get to really make a big mess (poo), the outcome was pretty good! There was a slight sweetness to the bread which was a nice surprise.

And since i was taking on the HUGE task (or so i thought) of making bread, i decided to make it twice, and gave one loaf to our friends who LOVED the idea of a beer bread. I sold it as dude, i made you Heinekin bread! :)

I will definitely make this bread again, cept the only change i'd make is that i would use kalamata olives for a bit more olive flavor. The recipe didn't specify the type of black olives to use and what i had on hand at the time was a can of black olives.

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Oh_mama said...

WASSAP is right! OMG! Must make this RAYNAO!