Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taste of Heaven

I got the Kitchen Aid ice cream attachment for Christmas and just before New Years, i had a chance to try it out. My first attempt was disastrous. You have to cook, then cool the ice cream mixture, before you refrigerate overnight, then put into the machine.

Well, i did all the cooking and cooling the night before, and my first thought in the morning was TODAY IS ICE CREAM DAY! Then my hubby climbed into bed to tell me that i left some weird cream mixture out on the counter overnight and he just threw it away. DAMMIT!!! i can't believe i did that. Then i got frustrated cause i totally used all the vanilla beans we had on hand.

But then he reminded me, don't we have the Tahitian Vanilla Beans from our honeymoon? DING DING DING!!!! Oh my goodness, yes we do, i know i have a glass tube full of beans buried in the spice cabinet somewhere. So i dig, and i find it! WOOP!

After reassessing my ingredients on hand, i did not have enough to make the Kitchen Aid recipe for vanilla ice cream. So i googled it, there's over 254 thousand pages with vanilla ice cream recipes. This was #1:

Serious Vanilla Ice Cream

Alton Brown? Good enough for me! So i measured, cooked, cooled, and ACTUALLY REFRIGERATED this time.

Let me tell you, this was the longest 6 hours EVAH!

Popped the cold mixture into the ice cream maker and viola...
Creamy Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream!

After a couple indulgent spoonfuls, it went back in the freezer overnight to harden.

At my New Years party, my mom asked if i had a chance to use the ice cream maker yet. I told her YES and you can sample my Tahitian Vanilla ice cream now! So i took out the ice cream, the word that my homemade ice cream was out spread like wild fire, and in less then 3 minutes, everyone at the party was oohing and aahing and the ice cream was gone!

That's all i got, just a little taste of heaven, but oh what a taste it was! :)


Anonymous said...

wow, after using real vanilla bean when cooking, i dont want to go back to extracts anymore...

Anonymous said...

Hi, I made the ice cream this weekend but I only cooled it for about 5 hours. I then used my Cuisinart ice cream maker but the ice cream never really double in size. I froze it but it truly never hardened appropriately. I'm going to have to try it again.