Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3 Cheers for Cooking in Style!

Have you Etsy'd?! (now known as 'the crack that is etsy', since i've spent waaaaaaay too much time on that site since finding it a couple weeks ago) is a fabulous site where you can buy and sell just about everything HANDMADE!

Guess what my inaugural purchase was?! A vintage inspired apron! :)

From Boojiboo's tiny home in the lovely La Mirada, CA to my mailbox in the equally lovely Miami Beach, FL came my vintage inspired blue zoo animal apron which i proudly rock in my kitchen. :)

My fab apron (handmade with love) is SURE to make my cooking (also handmade with love, lol) THAT much better! And if it does nothing for my cooking, hey at least i look cute!

Hip Hip Hooray! :D


ashley said...

very cute! I love etsy!

*ccc* said...

I bet you look freaking FABULOUS in that apron, cooking up a storm...

boojiboo said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and putting us on your blog! [can't help but google our name sometimes to see what pops up hehe]

Customers like you are always appreciated!

Happy cooking,
[valda,izabelle,marisa cheung]