Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Short & Sweet

I headed to allrecipes to find a recipe spotlighting spinach. Well for some reason in the ingredient search, my fingers start typing POPCORN instead of spinach. I backspaced and retyped, but no, POPCORN came flying out of my fingers again. I'm not going to fight the universe, i'm on a new mission now, and it has something to do with popcorn.

So i click click click through the pages, then come across this recipe:

Cinnamon Popcorn

Did you just hear the choir of angels singing? I swear i just heard AHHHHHHHH!!! lol.

And just like that, i'm preheating my oven, popping snack bags in the micro and mixing the glaze.

So i halved the recipe (it takes 2 snack bags of popcorn to make 8 cups) and baked it for 20 minutes at 300 instead of 10 minutes (this might just be because i live in Miami, and the humidity is probably a factor).

Oooh Aaaahhh, cinnamon popcorn is AWESOME! The glaze creates a crisp little shell of cinnamony goodness around every kernel.

Thank God i halved the recipe, and only served myself a small bowl, cause for sure, i could have polished off the entire recipe at one sitting.

As for the spinach recipe, i'm still looking, just not tonite, my hubby just said he wants pizza tonite! SWEET!

UPDATE: I'm going to enter this into the first Master Baker Challenge. Hopefully this passes as a baked good. It did go into the oven, and it's a pretty extrordinary cinnamon dish. We'll see, fingers crossed! :)


Sharona May said...

Looks good! What a great Friday Night movie snack.

Sharona May

Nikki57 said...

That sounds amazing! Thanks for the entry!