Monday, February 18, 2008

Hot Vanilla

I had these crappy madelines from Starbucks (not that madelines are crappy, i love madelines, but it's just that these came in a cello bag and just weren't the best) in my purse and all i wanted to do was dunk them, but i wanted to maintain their vanilla flavor. So i went on a search for something hot, sweet and vanilla-y. I acutally started looking for a chai tea recipe, but when i came across this recipe, i realized, this was exactly what i was looking for.

Hot Vanilla

I made a couple changes to this basic recipe. I added an additional teaspoon of sugar and instead of 1C of milk, i made mine with 1/2C of fat free half and half and 1/2C of milk.

i LOVED this! I am a serious chocoholic, but sometimes i need a change of pace, and this was that perfect change.

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Jennyfer said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm having kind of a "blah" night and this sounds really good.