Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knauss Berry Farm

I've lived here my whole life and have never been strawberry picking. The only strawberries i've ever picked were in the produce section of Publix.

So a couple friends and i went down to the famous Knauss Berry Farm today to have a strawberry shake, pick strawberries and tomatoes, pick up some of their homemade cinnamon buns, herbed bread, some hot pepper jam and oh other fresh produce (beets and green onions); i'm telling you, it was an adventure!

Getting there is a trek, take US1 allllll the way down south, make a right on 248th street follow it to the farm. Far, but totally worth it.

The strawberry shakes were divine, not too sweet with just the slightest taste of strawberry, almost like the essence of strawberry.

Picking strawberries was fun, like my friend Christy said, i feel like it's Easter and i'm looking for Easter Eggs.

Picking tomatoes was also interesting, felt like 'picking strawberries light' cause there's no squatting. ;) lol.

And i realized i've never had a green tomato, so i got inspired right there among the tomato vines to make fried green tomatoes!

But that'll have to wait, i was also inspired by some beets and they are taking up alot of room in my fridge right now! lol.

I felt like i was on vacay, saw the sights, ate the food, came home with some souveniers. The perfect little weekend adventure!

UPDATE: I in no way meant to downplay the phenomenol cinnamon buns, so per YOUR request, here you go!

And the herbed buns for good measure! ;)

Knauss Berry Farm
15980 SW 248th Street
Homestead, FL 33031
Mon-Sat 8am-5:30pm, Thanksgiving through April


Anonymous said...

I love Knauss Berry Farm- I have gone there for ages and now that I live far away I go whenever I get back home. Love the shakes!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Miamian, I love your posting. We have been going at least 2-3 times each year when they are open since my daughter was about 4, she is now 22! Make sure you try the herb breadsticks as well, they are awesome!

Oh_mama said...

Cinnamon-goodness. le sigh! ;)

Anonymous said...

So my BEST friend forever & ever invited me to go to this "Knauss Berry Farm" this coming weekend. Being that she introduced me to "Google" (back in the day), I decided to google the farm... Interestingly enough I came across THIS blog. GUESS WHAT??? IT'S MY BEST FRIEND'S BLOG!!! LMFAO!!! Can't wait. See ya' tomorrow!!! =)

Anonymous said...

my middle school is rite in front of knauss berry seriously its dead acroos the street.....i luv knauss berry im in 8th grade by the way