Monday, October 29, 2007

Platter of Severed Hands


Halloween is near and you would not believe how creative some people are when it comes to spooky food. Not me though, i'm not into Halloween, i don't like scary things at all, i like to keep my "spooky" G- rated. But when i saw this 'recipe' over on i was suddenly inspired.

Spooky Gloved Munch Mix

I just had a Halloween themed makeover party. As favors, i handed out severed hands. These went over BIG. There were tons of "ew gross, and ooh cool" to go around.

I simplified the process by using Crunch n Munch to make the flesh for the hands. The hardest part was finding clear gloves, then cleaning said gloves. See these gloves are coated inside and out with a thin coat of some sort of powder. On the bag of the gloves, it doesn't even say what the powder is. Regardless, i wasn't going to stuff one finger until those gloves were totally residue-free.

Once the gloves were wiped clean and dry on both the inside and the outside, it was a cinch to pop in the candy corn and the popcorn.

I also created a frightening feast using some homemade goodies, some store bought. On the menu:

Witches Warts- Alexia Mushroom Bites
Goblin's Eyes- Baked Cheese Olives
Rest in Pizza- California Pizza Kitchen White Pizza
Mold & Slime Dip- Friday's Spinach, Cheese and Artichoke Dip
Skeleton Fingers w/ Congealed Blood- Pistachio Crusted Chicken w/ strawberry preserve dipping sauce

We had a devilishly good time! :)


Mimi said...

That's really cool!!! I love this! :)

Anonymous said...

They must sell clear plastic gloves somewhere. Thye use them at places like Subway.

Midnight Snack said...

That's hilarious!

Oh_mama said...

You rock! ;)