Monday, November 26, 2007


M-O-U-S-E!!!! How cute are these?

Hello people! I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! And i hope you didn't miss me too much, i haven't written, cause well i haven't cooked in weeks.

This was the last thing i cooked back on November 8th. Mickey Mouse cupcakes!

I made chocolate chip cupcakes and just popped in 2 mini oreo's for the ears. It was the perfect touch for the Mickey Mouse pizza party we had here right before leaving for Orlando.

We were supposed to have some work done to our place while we were on vacay, and you know how that goes, it didn't start on time and 2 weeks later, they are now just about done. I should be back in my kitchen by the end of the week. And all i can say is THANK GOD! Eating out all the time sucks, just about as much as it sucks to live through construction.

But i'm feeling chatty tonite, so i think i'll go into my food blog photo folder and pull out some stuff i cooked previously and didn't get a chance to write about. So stay tuned! :)


~Amber~ said...

How cute, thank you for sharing!

Yvette said...

Oh wow, these came out absolutely adorable!!! I'm sure everyone loved them. Miss ya!!

Brooke said...

Oh so cute! I'll have to remember this trick for my MIL's birthday in February. She's a huge Disney fan!

Lourdes said...

ok seriously - can we make more of these next time we hang? YUM!

Prima 89! Cristina said...

That looks adorable. I'm making those for the next Disney trip!!

Oh_mama said...

Adorable!! Happy New Year! Miss you!!