Thursday, April 19, 2007

Off With His Head!

So Easter has come and gone and what's left? A chocolate bunny. hmmm... what should i do with this thing, i wonder. i can bite off it's head, but for some reason that weirds me out. what to do what to do...

So i made hot chocolate last nite, you know the one from the envelope with the miss from the neutral place?! When i walked into the office, i offered my hubby a sip. He's like i'd love a hot chocolate, i said too bad that's the last hot chocolate in the house. I tasted it, and thought, well that tastes like crap, actually more like dust, but you know, whatev. I handed it over and told him to enjoy it. Then a light bulb goes off in my head. DING! Oh Mr Easter bunny...

After scouring for a decent hot chocolate recipe and turning up empty handed (ok, so there's a lot of recipes, but none of them were as easy as, warm up water in the micro, dump envelope, stir, enjoy), i found myself at the amateur gourmet searching for hot chocolate. If you've never been to this guy's site, make sure you go, it's well written, clever, funny, informative and well, inspired me to start up my own food blog! :)

And what do you know, he did make a fabulous hot chocolate durning the NYC blizzard of 2006 and you know what it IS as easy as heat, stir and enjoy! Here's where i found it:

So here's the lowdown. It will now forever be known to me as the best f*ckin hot chocolate EVER!

the best f*ckin hot chocolate
serves 1

1 cup milk
2 oz chocolate (i lobbed off the head of my dark chocolate easter bunny) roughly chopped

in a small saucepan, warm the milk over med/ high heat. add chocolate, stir till melted. bring to a boil, remove from heat and whisk the sh!t out of it. put it back on the stove, reboil, remove, rewhisk. pour and enjoy.

It was amazing! While i was waiting for it to cool (i still burned the sh!t out of my tounge), it got slightly thick, not too thick, but slightly and it was AWESOME!

And since it's uber-boring to read blogs with just text, i'll have to make it again to snap picts. darn. ;)


Sugar Girl Bakeshop said...

I love hot chocolate made with chocolate. Try using powder and leche condensada. That's the bomb too. Or with hershey kisses. Hot chocolate rocks!

I'll be visiting you a lot, dahling.

Jenny said...

Yay, meli! Can't wait to keep reading your blog and share some of my great recipes, too!



Carmen said...

Yay!!! You rock!
I can't wait to read more of your blog.

aydin said...

dark choco = YUM! :)

Sarah said...

yummy dark chocolate, so when are you having me over for some?