Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My herbs

so, this is how condo dwellers do herb gardens. we put them on our windowsills and pray to the green-thumb gods to smile down on our herbs. my basil didn't get the message.

for some reason the basil hates it's new home. i don't know if when i plucked it from the home depot it was having a wild love affair with the basil next to it, but i've tried everything, more light/ less light, more water/ less water, i tried to give it a pep talk (look, this is a major upgrade from the home depot, pull it together), NADA. i have an unhappy basil plant. any ideas out there?

the jury is still out on the parsley,

...but my oregano is a total rockstar! :D

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Ariana said...

Basil is SO hard to keep happy! I think (in my limited black-thumb experience) that it needs TONS more water than most herbs, and also that you are supposed to water it from the bottom.. put the water in the tray that its sitting in and let it soak up rather than pour the water from the top.

You probably already know this, in which case my comment (finally!) is probably not worth the wait :)