Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I'm about to go out and get a margarita to celebrate, but i first wanted to tell you about a place we re-discovered this weekend, T-Mex.

We were craving tacos, so i went to yelp and people were raving about this place, T-Mex. What the heck? Ok, lets do it!

2 steps into the restaurant, i realized, i've been here before, one drunken nite long ago! lol.

The thin and crispy tortilla chips are homemade, the ground beef for the tacos was seasoned perfectly, the beer was cold and the guac was creamy and delicious, can't ask for much more then that!

Definitely a little gem on the beach, but why the name change, is it still as good as San Loco? Apparently, it's better, T-Mex IS San Loco, only a little greener! And green is GOOD! :D

235 14th St
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 538-3009


Jackie said...

Hi... FYI, LIME on Alton and about 15th is a pretty good Mexican restaurant! Thanks for the info.

Melissa said...

Hi Jackie, Lime has good burritos and smokey salsa, but that's it. If you are craving taco's, Lime isn't going to cut it. ;)

The place across the street from Lime is also pretty good, great quesadillas and tomatillo salsa at Taco Rico.

lol, yes, we let our cravings guide the way when we hit up the beach for Mexican! ;)