Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Veal Piccata

Madonna only needs 4 minutes to save the world, i only need 4 minutes to make a perfect veal cutlet!

After already tackling the recipes that intimidate me, i asked my hubby, what other tough dinner should i try, he said VEAL. Oooh, i LOVE veal, but since it's sliced so thin, yeah, it's easy to mess up. So veal was the word of the day. I knew that i wanted veal piccata from the onset, so i just found an easy recipe and made it as written, i only added capers.

Veal Piccata

Now i know that veal isn't for everyone, so the piccata sauce would go nicely over chicken or fish as well.

Oh yeah, the silent stah on this plate was the spinach that i ended up simply steaming with the zest of 1 lemon. It was bright and fresh and i LOVED it, my hubby didn't, but he isn't much impressed with ANY veg, unless it's covered in cheese! ;)

And what a coincidence that piccata was on the first episode of Top Chef. I cannot believe how clueless that chef was, simply on the basics of a classic piccata. One thing i DID pick up on, was that the veal should have gone in a bowl of egg prior to hitting the pan. i guess the Weight Watcher's recipe skipped that to save on points, but next time i am SO making it that way! Thanks Colicchio! :)

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