Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Stuffed Strawberries

What could be easier? Take a gorgeous strawberry and stuff it with cream cheese, sugar and liquor.

Stuffed Strawberries

These strawberries made as the recipe is written were phenomenal, but the recipe poster wrote "Sometimes I add some finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate." REALLY?! I don't believe you, cause it was a bitch and a half to squeeze my finely chopped semi-sweet chocolate through the star tip of my pastry bag. It was the first time i had ever used a pastry bag and i have to say, i enjoyed it, cept for the damn chocolate clogs. Thanks alot imvintage. :P

They are also SUPER fattening.

The second time i made these, i tried to make it with fat free cream cheese, WHOA! Huge mistake. The cream came out gritty and just all around gross. But i knew i was doomed from the second i opened the package of fat free cream cheese. Have you ever seen a block of fat free cream cheese in all it's glory? It's um, let's see what's the word, what's the word...hmmm...NASTY?! It was glossy and jiggly and totally reminded me of silly putty. After the fat free version made it's way to my trash, i decided to make the third batch with reduced fat cream cheese and it turned out just right.

I assembled these a couple hours before my party. I put them in a glad plastic baking pan and covered them. They held up nicely. The only thing i fixed for the next party, was to place the stuffed strawberries on a paper towel first, as the strawberries lose a lot of moisture while waiting for the party to start. When the guests arrive, i place them on a serving platter and out they go!

I got rave reviews from my friends and family for this decadent, yet simple twist on strawberries. :)


Shawnda said...

The one time when a "chocolate clog" could be bad! These are on my "next time I throw a party" list - great job!

MellyMel said...

OMG. Yum. *note to self to try this after October*

Chic Ink Designs said...

These were delish. Next time there is a chocolate clog, call me, I'll help you out. :)

DeborahSW said...

This has been on my "must try" list forever!! Someday, someday...

MHQ said...

i can totally imagine the fat free cream cheese disaster. NASTY! i'll take the full fat ones. they look delish. i need to make these.