Friday, April 20, 2007


Lunch- a meal eaten at mid-day.

Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it ROCKS. Today's lunch is the latter. :)

Today i've devoured (actually currently devouring as i type) a slice of Pizza Rustica's, Pizza Rustica (clever name, doncha think?)

Yup, that's a slice, it's about 12" x 8", one hell of a slice! And it's so yummy.

From their website, pizza-rustica, my pizza is topped with plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzerella, tangy sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, fresh diced plum tomatoes, the finest proscuitto ham, kalamata olives and fresh basil. Cept i don't think the kalamata olives made it to my slice. :P And though it's topped with a ton of toppings, the crust is nice and crispy, when i bite in, there's a satifying crunch.

And if you aren't into pizza bombarded with toppings, they make a great round cheese pizza. Great flavor, really great mild sauce and the pizza dough is nice and soft. It's actually just the opposite of my slice here, but just as good.

Pizza Rustica is an established pizza place on the beach, it's really tiny and they've got quite a selection of different styles of pizza. I saw that they opened several more locations, and to that i say- bravo! Oh wait, hold please i just bit into a kalamata olive! Sweet! Yeah, this pizza rocks! :)

So if it's in your hood, get thee to Pizza Rustica, and enjoy yourself a slice today! Tell them meli sent you (actually don't, they have no clue who i am and may look at you funny, or maybe just politely laugh and then look at you funny)! ;)

Pizza Rustica
863 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, 33139
(305) 674-8244


Jenny said...

btw yummmmm their tomato basil pizza is the best. i loooove them. But best cheese pizza in Miami? Casola's, obviously. HUGE and yummy and just a little greasy lol. fantastic ;)

aydin said...

no olives??? life is nothing w/o olives ;)